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Civil and Consumer Law

Civil and Consumer law protection deals with matters that touch on the everyday lives of people.

Our Consumer rights protection lawyers specialise in the Australian Consumer Law. By engaging lawyers specialising in consumer protection close to you, gives you convenient access to our principal Mal Zraika who has been independently rated in the top three best consumer protection lawyers in Sydney for seven years in a row by Three Best Rated.

Consumer Law and Protection matters include: credit cards, lines of credit, loans, mortgages and other personal debts, tenancy disputes, Automotive issues such as the purchase of new cars, repairs to motor vehicles, purchase of goods or services for home or domestic use, insurance claim disputes, etc.

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Notably, Civil and Consumer Law matters often cause a great deal of stress to clients. Annoying phone calls from lenders and debt collectors create more stress for clients.

Usually, we find the consumer has purchased goods or services where a dispute has developed due to a faulty product, workmanship, or services. Then, either the retailer says ‘no refunds are available as per their terms and conditions of sale’, or fails to rectify the problem to the satisfaction of the consumer. If that is the case, don’t despair. Because, consumer remedies are available under the Australian Consumer Law. Cogent Lawyers can not only advise you of the Consumer Law remedies available to you, but you have the assurance that your matter is overseen by our Principal Mr Mal Zraika who has been accredited as a specialist in commercial litigation by the Law Society of NSW.

Therefore, if you have a Civil or Consumer Law related problem give us a call. We will take action as soon as possible to make the annoying phone calls Stop!

Because our professional lawyers are very experienced in Civil and Consumer Law protection, they can give you back your peace of mind. We also, have a range of payment options to suit your needs at a price that’s affordable, so that you can get back on your feet sooner.

Remember, whether, you are being sued for a credit debt, have a problem with purchased goods or services, have an issue with your landlord or their agent or have made a claim with your insurance company who refuses to pay, we are only a phone call away and ready to advise and assist you.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today and take back control of your life.

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