Criminal Law

At Cogent Lawyers we appreciate that criminal law can touch peoples lives in many different ways, and levels of seriousness. From the unpaid parking ticket, or the quasi criminal jurisdiction of OH&S, Corporate Law, Tax Law to the assaults, domestic violence and more serious indictable offences.

We have had experience defending criminal matters in all jurisdictions including some high profile matters in the District and Supreme Courts of New South Wales.

Notwithstanding, we have offices in Parramatta and Sydney the two largest Court networks in the State we also take on matters in all NSW Courts.

We are currently on the Legal Aid Criminal Law Panel, and accordingly, take on matters funded by the Legal Aid Commission of NSW where Grants have been approved.

Experience demonstrates that the most critical time for clients to obtain legal advice is the moment they first become aware or suspect they may be implicated with an offence. Without proper legal advice from an experienced criminal lawyer, possible remedies or defences may be lost. All too often we see clients innocently assisting police with an investigation become unwittingly caught up in the system and having to defend charges.

Having a lawyer present during police questioning is essential to ensure that your rights are fully protected. This maximises the availability of possible remedies in your circumstances, and may assist in minimising the strength of a prosecution case being assembled against you.

At times with your lawyer’s assistance, a properly articulated explanation to the police enquiries may alleviate any charges being laid. Alternatively; you may be advised that notwithstanding you protest your innocence, it would be best to exercise your right to silence. Criminal charges are very serious, and only a criminal lawyer can advise you on how the law would apply to the circumstances of your matter and what your options are.

Remember your lawyers duty is to provide you with legal representation and protection for your rights and freedoms. Cogent Lawyers, will vigorously and fearlessly defend those rights and freedoms which, our society guards so jealously. Your liberty is the most valuable asset the law can confiscate from you, so don’t take a gamble with it, call us today.

Some of the areas of criminal law we undertake include but are not limited to the following offences just follow the link to see the offence elements and maximum penalty:

  • All Traffic Matters
  • All Assaults categories
  • Riot Affray & other public Order offences
  • Stalking & intimidation
  • Larceny

If you have a legal problem there is no substitute to proper legal advice from a criminal lawyer. It is our experience that each matter and circumstances are often unique. And although some matters may have similarities a lot can often turn on the distinguishing features of a case.

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