Positive Outcomes
Insurance & Mortgage Disputes


It is often that when we take out insurance we have Storms, Bushfires, Floods and the like in mind. However, all too often we are seeing insurance companies increasing exclusion clauses in their policies and at times people are not entirely certain of what they are covered for under their insurance policy until they lodge a claim with their insurer.

At Cogent Lawyers, we understand that insurance and our clients most prized assets are joined at the hip, and as such when disaster strikes or the unforseen happens we can assist you in making an urgent insurance claim, understanding your insurance policy, and advise you of your legal rights and remedies available to get you back on track. Some remedies are free such as review by the Insurance Ombudsman Service, which can make binding decisions against Insurance Company’s, and if you are not satisfied with the decision you can still take your own further action.

Should the insurance company dispute or reject your claim we can also advise you of your rights, to challenge such decisions, and take care of all the paperwork so that you can put your mind at ease and concentrate on your family in these times of need.


We also appreciate that in tough economic times people can find themselves behind on their mortgages and in some instances the mortgagee starts possession proceedings. Our Principal Mal Zraika has extensive experience defending against mortgagee possession proceedings with an excellent track record defending possession claims brought against clients by most major lenders. Moreover, he is familiar with the usual legal arguments and strategies these lenders and their lawyers use in such proceedings, has a good rapport with many mortgagee lawyers, and is able to meet possession applications head on and maximise the effectiveness of your defence.

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