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Employment Law

We can assist you with all types of claims from unfair/unlawful dismissals and work related stress claims to class actions and employment injunctions.

Who can we help?

We can assist employers and the following types of workers:

  • Full, part time, or casual workers
  • contractors
  • workers on visas

We can provide you with assistance and advice on the following Employment Law matters:

  • Recruitment, selection and interviewing of candidates
  • Negotiating, drafting and reviewing employment contracts for new employees, current members of staff and contractors
  • Employee Information Handbooks encompassing employees statutory and/or company rights and benefits; disciplinary and grievance procedures; bullying and harassment in the workplace; codes of Practice etc
  • Assistance in and conducting internal investigations, disciplinary and grievance hearings.
  • Lawful termination of the employment relationship
  • Health, Safety and Welfare in the Workplace and including advice on the preparation of Risk Assessments and Safety Statements and minimising and managing stress in the workplace
  • Trade disputes, industrial action and representation for claims under the Industrial Relations Acts
  • Anti-discrimination policies and equality in the workplace

We are also approved members of the Legal Aid NSW Civil Law Panel. This means where you qualify for a legal aid grant, we may act for you in relation to:

  • Unfair Dismissal
  • Recovery of entitlements
  • breach of your general protections under the Fair Work Act
  • review of unfair contracts
  • if your matter is of special Public Interest (additional qualification required)


  • contracts addressing OH&S issues
  • defending prosecutions
  • education and training in relation to safety obligations
  • OH&S obligations, including those to contractors and their employees
  • OH&S policies and safety compliance schemes
  • representing parties throughout the Work Cover investigation process
  • workplace risk assessments


  • awards, agreements and industrial disputes
  • employment terms and conditions
  • contracts
  • discrimination and EEO
  • long-term workplace strategies
  • terminations and disputes

For some free general information regarding Employment relationship matters please visit AccessLaw Online a NSW Government initiative.

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