About Us

You may ask yourself “why should I engage Cogent Lawyers?” Well, unlike other law firms whom merely consider themselves to be in partnership with their business clients, we actually build such a close business relationships with our commercial clients that our clients rely on and integrate our services as an effective arm of their business.

We believe in simplicity, flexibility and innovation, indeed we have been running high tech computer and cloud based software systems for years, that only recently other firms are experimenting with. Our aim is to deliver practical and cost effective, industry specific solutions. This means Cogent Lawyers, provides bespoke legal services to your specific business needs.

Having offices in the heart of both the Parramatta and Sydney CBD, allows us to be better placed to support our clients throughout Sydney. If you cannot come to us, we are more than happy to come to you.

Our Lawyers have a broad range of non-legal industry specific specialist skills to complement their legal prowess. Having lawyers who have worked in your industry for many years, better places them, to achieve outcomes commensurate with your objectives by making recommendations that are always appropriate to your circumstances.

Imagine having lawyers that not only understand the legal aspects of your industry or business, but, also understand the practical reality of your industry or business, and imagine not having to explain to those lawyers why a particular solution would not be appropriate for you. Sounds too good to be true?

Well no, at Cogent Lawyers we are a unique Law Firm our mantra is to provide our clients with Reasonably Priced, Efficient and Practical Legal Solutions, you can rely on us as your personal Legal Counsel, and advisor to enhance your enterprise.

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