August 30, 2017 Cogent Lawyers


Our client a senior executive of a government organisation for over 15 years was advised that his current secondment position in NSW would not be renewed and he would have to relocate interstate to as per his initial contract, position. Our client did not wish to relocate however his employer informed him that he had to if he wished to remain employed. So our client resigned. Later, our client recalled that after his initial contract, he had actually reapplied and was accepted for another position in NSW, and brought this to his employer’s attention. The employer refused to acknowledge the existence of the subsequent contract, and so Cogent Lawyers were engaged to intervene.

We wrote to his employers and explained to them the true facts and circumstances surrounding our client’s resignation, and given the information they held in their records it was incumbent upon them to acknowledge that our client’s resignation was made as a result of incorrect information which the employer either knew or ought to have known was incorrect and their obligations to our client.


Our client was given a choice of options one of which he gratefully accepted and the matter was settled.

Suffice to say, our client was very satisfied with the outcome.