Employment Lawyer: Do You Need One?

September 27, 2017
September 27, 2017 cogent_Admin

Whether you are an employer or employee, various workplace situations necessitate an employment lawyer. Most employees wait until it is too late, before seeking legal advice. Employers, on the other hand, tend to ignore the importance of an employment lawyer until they are faced with legal challenges. Employment attorneys specialise in legal matters related to the workplace. Their services are therefore important, for both employees and the company. Here are some situations where you might require the services of employment lawyers in Sydney.

– For Employers

If you run a business, then it’s advisable to retain the services of employment lawyers. Before opening any firm, organization, company or business, an employment attorney can provide advice on how you should set it up, to minimize legal liabilities. A professional lawyer will also take you through the advantages and disadvantages of limited partnerships, incorporation, and sole proprietorship.

An employment attorney will also draft the necessary agreements and contracts, needed to run the organization, such as shareholder, partnership, non-disclosure, non-solicitation, non-competition, as well as employment agreements. Furthermore, employment lawyers will also advise businesses on how to hire. Businesses also face various legal challenges, especially concerning employment. An employment lawyer will offer the right guidance pertaining maternity leave, pensions, severance pay, disability, termination as well as contract reviews.

Companies might also face legal action, for instance, sexual harassment lawsuits. This is where employment lawyers in Sydney come in. They will represent the business in court while protecting its interests. Whichever legal action you are facing, an employment lawyer will represent you in court and respond to complaints, since they have a deep understating of labour relations.

– Employees

Just like employers, workers also require the services of an employment contract lawyer in various situations. For instance, if you are employed by a certain company, and you feel that the management is mistreating you, then you should consult an employment attorney. There are also instances where some employers behave unlawfully. If you find yourself in such a situation, then don’t hesitate. Seek the services of an employment lawyer as soon as possible.

Unlawful behaviour includes issues such as sexual harassment or discrimination. For example, your employer might be discriminating against you, due to your religion, skin colour, gender, political beliefs or even sexual orientation. Such discrimination might deny you promotions or even the salary you deserve. You can also contact an employment lawyer due to unlawful termination of your contract.

Whether you are a company facing a legal lawsuit due to employment issues, or you are a worker that has been dismissed or harassed at the workplace, an employment lawyer can help you. Employment attorneys are ready to protect your interests.


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