August 25, 2011 Cogent Lawyers

The NSW State Government and the Opposition have after six years of lobbying by the NSW legal profession through the Law Society of NSW, finally proposed and agreed on amendments to the Road Transport (Driver Licensing) Act 1998. The new amendments which are contained in the Road Transport (Driver Licensing) Bill 2010, aim to ensure that where a Court Orders that no conviction is to be recorded for a driving offence, demerit points are no longer recorded for the offence by the RTA.

Other amendments also include the increase in demerit points that can be accumulated before a licence is suspended from the current 12, to 13 or more for unrestricted drivers, and from the current 12, to 14 or more for Professional drivers. “Professional drivers” is defined in the Bill and the regulations may also expand on and provide some exceptions.

The New Bill is currently awaiting assent and will commence & amend the current Act on proclamation.

This is both a great victory for the drivers of NSW, and a testament to the hard work and often unrecognised efforts of the NSW legal profession.